Beating the spam filter

In an ideal world drafting poignant email copy, designing wonderfully branded email templates, and crafting succinct and enticing email subject lines that get open and click-through rates…
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If you dont ask, you dont get

Ah, referrals. I can’t think of a more powerful selling tool. I also can’t think of any other part of the sales process people seem to hate more. It’s a fact: People would rather book someone they have seen or heard of than a total stranger…
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8 Social media management mistakes you need to avoid

Whether you wear the “social media manager” label loud and proud – or you’re a secret Twitter ninja working your magic while you juggle the rest of your to-do list, sometimes staying awesome 24/7 can be a bit of a tough grind…
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Talking to “people”

You have great services to offer. You know that they work and how people can benefit from them. You want to let the world know about what you have to offer and how you can help.
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Slashing the slang from direct sales

When you’re writing sales copy for your business, showing a little personality is a good thing. It’s also a good idea to use everyday language, so people know you’re a real person who is genuinely interested in helping your prospects and customers.
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Putting the social into your media

If you are asking yourself why should I be bothered with social media then read on. Being social media savvy is perhaps more important for brands in 2017 than ever before.

More people are relying on social media to get their news, and ad revenues for digital sources (namely Google and Facebook) are growing at mind-boggling rates.

Brands know how important it is to get in the social media race. But many of them struggle to find their voice (and their spellcheck) when publishing content on social media.

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If you build it they will come: digital marketing and the field of dreams

As consumers we are more connected than ever before thanks to the explosion of digital devices and online services. For brands this presents a huge opportunity. Being able to engage with your target audience wherever they are gives you the holy grail for any business – increased loyalty.

So in the midst of this digital revolution you’ve set up a blog and a Facebook page, you’re posting some content – you should be seeing an increase in sales and brand equity right? Wrong. I’m afraid this is not a Kevin Costner movie. Digital Marketing is a term that many businesses find hard to understand – let alone implement.

When done properly, with clear strategy and carefully considered content, digital media is an amazing tool to connect you to your customers. However, it should also be part of an integrated and multi-faceted marketing plan.

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